Standworks telescopic Tribunes

Standworks specializes in the project development, planning, construction and assembly of telescopic grandstands at the highest technical level. But technology is not our only strength. The design is also an important factor in our work. Telescopic grandstands in countless countries testify to our competence.
Our portfolio ranges from simple school grandstands to high-end stands for concert halls and congress halls.

Telescopic stands have been reliable elements of the flexible use of halls for many years. Mobile telescopic grandstands, however, are a relatively new development and allow much greater flexibility of using a multi-functional hall. In this field, we are one of the world’s leading providers.

The motto of our mobile TransFlex grandstands is:

The event does not have to adapt to the available space, it is the room that has to adapt to the event.

Our mobile TransFlex grandstand blocks have a capacity for 50 – 360 people. For further information on this unique mobile grandstand program, please visit our TransFlex Homepage.

One of Standworks’ greatest strengths is the possibility to create individual tailor-made stands that cater to all customer-specific wishes. As the planning and production of all elements including the seating is in our hands, we can design each element according to our clients’ requirements.

We stand for high-quality products and pioneering developments, both in the grandstand business and in other fields.

We ensure that the wishes and concerns of our customers are addressed with the highest level of implementation.

There are many good ideas and Standworks ensures that the ideas of our customers are also successfully implemented

We are constantly striving to find the balance of interests of all parties involved in the project and come up with the most suitable solution for your project.

Since 2012 we represent the company ELAN Inventa d.o.o.