Standworks Vertriebs GmbH

Standworks Vertriebs GmbH

Standworks Vertriebs GmbH is an agency, mainly operating in the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) , which is specialized in project development, planning and execution of construction of telescopic tribunes at the highest technical level. For mobile telescopic tribunes, such as elan TransFlex-tribunes, we operate worldwide.

We are also active as a supplier for indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

We are responsive to our clients‘ individual and exceptional needs and offer tailored, customer-specific solutions.

Standworks stands – both in the Tribune business as well as other activities – for high quality products and pioneering innovations.

We ensure that the wishes and concerns of our customers will be pursued with the utmost drive for realization.

There are many good ideas! Standworks ensures that our clients’ ideas are implemented successfully.

We are constantly striving to find the balance of interests between all involved parties in the project and to develop the most appropriate solution for your undertaking. Since 2012 we are the general agent in Austria, Germany and Switzerland for Elan Inventa d.o.o., so we are your contact for the entire product range of the company Elan Inventa in this area. For mobile telescopic tribunes stands, we are responsible worldwide.

Our company is based in Vienna.